Here Be Dragons, Customer Experience Dragons

Here be Dragons”, is what they used to say on old maps to mark a place of undiscovered waters.

But what is a Customer Experience Dragon (CX Dragon)?

Well it’s not a CX Ninja, because Ninja’s spend their lives mastering skills that have been past on from master to master.

And it’s not a CX Champion.

No, it’s not one of those.

It’s a hunter. A hunter who discovers new customer experiences and innovative opportunities. An explorer of the undiscovered who spends their time tracking down and slaying those CX Dragons.

For me, the Customer Experience Dragon is all about the thrill of the chase and the chance of discovering the next big solution, the opportunity of experimenting and pushing the boundaries. Above all, its is about putting the customer at the centre of this new fast pace digitally evolving world and be willing to learn something new.

So I say, if you believe in following the masters of CX, then be a ninja.

But if you want to explore the more thrilling undiscovered waters of customer experience then be a Hunter and help me hunt down those CX Dragons.

“Who will ride with me?”

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