Wow! My Design Sprint Is In O’Reilly’s New Design Sprint Book

Since I joined The Lab nearly two years ago, I have been keen to try out and experiment with iterative learning processes such as Lean UX and Design Thinking.

One of these processes is called a Design Sprint, originally used at Google Ventures. The Design Sprint process follows a collaborative 5 day sprint with a co-located team.

For the Design Sprint which I ran in The Lab, I generated the Design Sprint Plan pictured below. The aim was to help the people on the sprint and in the workshops understand what will be happening on each day through out the week, and it worked.

On the plan there are big arrows which hold the post-it note tasks for each day. The circles at the base are for the people who are on the sprint each day and the two half circles off to the right, are for the outcomes of the sprint, primary and secondary.

I posted this photo up on my @jezsherwin twitter account and it is now in O’Reilly’s new Design Sprint book, which is a great book and a must have if your thinking of running a Design Sprint.

5 Day Design Sprint

5 Day Design Sprint

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