In steps the Agile Mini Wall

So there you are in your war room or wall, you have done a few days of an Agile Inception. You now have the business model licked and a collection of customer insights, empathy maps and user journeys path the way to creative envisioning and a back log of user stories.

If only. The fact is, not every project is large enough to warrant a war room or its own wall. Projects such as banner designs, campaign landing pages or micro sites are all small projects that are sometimes pushed through one scrum all at the same time.

This means that getting an insight of where that wireframe came from would be helpful, but having no insight into the problems they are solving leaves the Visual Designers reverting back to guessing what is right.

So, in steps the Agile Mini Wall.

Having a Mini Wall will add value to small projects. Your Mini Wall will give a visual insight into the history of business, customer and technical goals. You will be able to understand the projects pains and gains at a glance.

Just like mobile first, you will discover that by reducing down a war room of information into the space of an A1 poster will help really focus the team on what matters.

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